Looking for Work?
PRG   Recruit   are   always   looking   for   new   workers   to   join   our   existing   team of temporary personnel. We   are   a   specialist   Industrial   Recruitment   Agency   with   a   variety   of   shifts and roles. Our temporary positions include the following sectors: * Manufacturing * Distribution * Packaging * Warehousing Most    of    our    positions    are    unskilled    and    therefore    do    not    require    any previous   experience.   Although   the   majority   of   our   work   is   temporary   most of   our   clients   utilise   us   as   part   of   their   search   and   selection   process   to   fulfil permanent vacancies that arise. We     provide     an     optional     subsidised     transport     service     within     the Wellingborough   area   for   all   of   our   contract   sites,   therefore   having   your   own transportation is not essential. We   operate   with   out   discrimination   or   prejudice   and   we   pride   ourselves   on treating our workforce fairly and with respect.
To   register   for   work   with   our   agency   you   will   need   to   make   an   appointment for   an   interview.   We   normally   interview   in   the   mornings   and   we   aim   to   book interviews   within   1   working   day   of   your   call.   All   applicants   are   required   to meet the following criteria in order to be interviewed. *       You must be over the age of eighteen. *       You must have your own telephone contact number. *               If   you   have   been   issued   with   a   National   Insurance   Number   we   will require   proof   of   this,   for   example:   NI   Card,   Payslip   from   previous employer, P45 from previous employer or Social Security book. *                  You   must   be   able   to   present   us   with   photo   identity,   for   example: UK driving licence, Passport or National Identity Card. *               If   you   need   permission   to   work   in   the   UK   we   will   need   to   see   proof of this. Copies of the above documents will NOT be accepted.
Telephone: 01933 274211 between 8.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday